the newest member of the troupe on stage.

22” x 30” charcoal drawing from quite a long time ago. I’ll be showing a batch of these this summer.


the chihuahua headed Hamlet climbs up on stage


so, this is finished in terms of cutting and printing, but it’s not a finished print. It’s more like advanced collage material - soon to join the cast in the paper theater.


drawing on the block. If you don’t see this image again, you’ll know I screwed up with the gouge.

Hey Kids, let’s do the Icy Porch!


self-portrait as a nineteenth century clown jointed paper doll. in progress.

ah, intaglio…


Felicien Rops in His Studio- Paul Mathey

(via adesignresearcher)

it’s a head-sized drawing of a head. no neck. no composition. no nothin’.